[Poll] Which is your favorite OpenERP Web version?

OpenERP 5.0

OpenERP Web Client 5.0

Let’s take you back to year 2009. This was the year when OpenERP SA bring revolution in community by announcing a web client version for OpenERP. It was the first step to significantly enhance performance of OpenERP through the new web client that can support multi servers and multi processing architecture.

OpenERP 6.1

OpenERP Web Client 6.1

OpenERP 6.1 released next version of web client in the first quarter of year 2012. It was developed with use of latest web technologies & intuitive web interface which had navigation speed through the screens, incredibly providing an unmatched level of comfort for the user. This version was not only contain brand new interface but also comes with new features like welcome page which easy to dive right into the applications you need most, kanban view, brand new touchscreen POS and many more.

OpenERP 7.0

OpenERP Web Client 7.0

After that web version became so much popular that OpenERP have decided to completely remove support of GTK (desktop) client from OpenERP version 7 and now only continuing with web client. OpenERP 7 also brings completely new interface with some more advance features like followers management, sleek design of form and tree views, enhanced touchscreen POS interface, new time-sheet management and many more.

So which is your favorite OpenERP version? Which version do you feel was more easy to perform day-to-day operation? Let us know with a quick line in the comments section, as well as a vote in the poll below!

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