OpenERP 7 CRM Quick Call Scheduler launched: Now quickly log and schedule each of your calls and meeting inside OpenERP

Let me first share one small incident!

Bob is hardworking and experienced telemarketing expert. He has to daily handle hundreds of calls and support number of customers. His company is using OpenERP to manage their CRM process.

But Bob does not like that software that much because it’s tedious and somewhat lengthy process to quickly record complete detail about all the calls inside that software. In general this is not only Bob’s problem, but common issue of many OpenERP telemarketing experts.

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But now we have solution for this problem. OpenERP estore just launched customized OpenERP module called OpenERP 7 CRM Quick Call Schduler, through which you can easily and quickly log and schedule all of your calls and meetings just by pressing quick links present in kanban and tree view of “Customer” screen.

OpenERP Kanban view Quick links

Quick links in Kanban view of Customer screen

OpenERP Tree view Icons

Quick links in Tree view of Customer screen

OpenERP 7 CRM Quick Call Schduler module store each call inside their respective screens, so user can easily find their scheduled and logged call list.

Last but not the least, this module will also allow user to quickly schedule “Meeting” with any of his/her client by just clicking on meeting icon. This way you do not have to search through the names & easily save your time to make yourself more productive.

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