Odoo : A new “Avatar” of OpenERP

From last many years we know OpenERP as an open source comprehensive suite of business applications for Sales, CRM, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Accounting, Human Resources and many more. But now it moved to a new “Avatar”, completely beyond ERP.

OpenERP now officially becomes Odoo…


Why name OpenERP changed to Odoo?

OpenERP is rock-solid software which contains applications like Sales, Accounting, Inventory, Procurements and many more. But it was not enough as the company was looking for a brand that should also fit with latest introduced apps like website builder, e-commerce and business intelligence. This is how Odoo comes in the pictures. It’s a suit of business applications, not only an ERP.

Further on the official newly created blog, OpenERP founder Fabien Pinckaers has announced that Odoo will remain faithful to the open source positioning of OpenERP and will continue to serve great apps in the future. The new address for getting the latest news and downloading latest software of OpenERP is now at Odoo.com.

We wish a great success for the company and the whole team for the new venture.

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